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Welcome to the Traditional Spanish Markets

June 23, 2016
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Viva el Mercado y la Cultura!

The Spanish Colonial Arts Society (Society) was founded in 1925 with the mission to “collect, preserve, and exhibit the Spanish Colonial art of New Mexico and beyond, and educate the public about its related cultures and living traditions.”  One of the programs inspired by this mission is the Traditional Spanish Market. The Market is multidimensional in its expression of creativity and spirit. Along with the hand-made art works for show and sale, Hispanic music, age-old dances, and traditional culinary fare are offered.

Santa Fe’s Traditional Spanish Market is the oldest and largest juried Spanish Market in the United States and it, along with Albuquerque’s Winter Spanish Market help preserve the unique 400 year old traditions of New Mexico.

The rich Hispanic Culture of New Mexico and Southern Colorado is either one a person has been lucky enough to be born into, or what draws others to choose to live their lives in this part of the country. It is learned through schooling, religious organizations, Museums like the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art that collect, preserve and display artifacts of the culture, as well as in the home and through cultural events like Spanish Market that honor the past in the present, and preserve it for the future.

The array of work for sale is vast…twenty categories of traditional work ranging from Colcha Embroidery to Woodcarving. Market visitors interact personally with extraordinary artists; learn about their traditions; and can take home a special purchase to add to their collection or give as a gift.

So mark your calendars for one or more of these exciting festivals. Come and see where Hispanic heritage become fine art!

See you at the Markets!

Robin Gavin